TAG Chemical is a custom chemical formulator and toll blender of soil stabilization and erosion control products.  Our products are created, tested and blended in Southern California and we ship domestic and internationally utilizing LTL, truckload, rail and overseas container logistics.

We are dedicated to providing the latest polymer technology to our clients, and believe in a solution-oriented experience.  Every application is unique to geographical location, weather, soil type and customer goals.  We walk hand-in-hand with our customer to ensure the desired results are met.


Dennis Delamore, managing partner of The Amber Group LLC, began his career in water treatment in 1968 for Neville Chemical as a production chemist.  Dennis left Neville in 1979 with a large background in coumarone-indine resins sold to adhesive/paint and printing ink companies. 

Recruited by Betz Laboratories for his expertise in polymer chemistry, Dennis worked in the industrial water treatment division until the formation of Betz Oilfield Chemicals.  Promoted to Area Manager, then District Manager. Dennis was a 3 time Betz Salesman of the Year Eagle Award winner.  During his career at Betz, Dennis sold and managed the Getty Oil Company account in Bakersfield, California (currently Texaco), also the largest account world-wide.

In 1984 when water shortages became an issue in the power industry, Calgon Corporation recruited Dennis for water clarification and impurities removal to decrease the overall water consumption in power plants.  Dennis left Calgon in 1990 to work for Garrett-Callahan Company in Milbrae, California.  As District Manager for the next several years Dennis managed the top-selling group to the power industry. 

In 1998, Dennis formed a partnership with Amber Chemical Inc. (Bakersfield, California) to toll blend and manufacture industrial chemical products for sale to distributors.  These included boiler & cooling products, wastewater treatment and eventually environmental products. 

TAG Chemical has sold over $30M in industrial and custom chemicals.


  • Firestone tire tread separation for Neville Chemical – developed mechanical changes including process application methods, and finally custom polymer addition
  • Worked with Betz Product Research group to develop a polyDADM that became the largest selling product in the oil fields at the time, and still is today for water clarification
  • Instituted with Calgon side-stream water softening for cooling towers including chemical development
  • Developed a product line of polyacrylamide flocculants that can be used safely for contact with food
  • Consulted and supplied products to over 500 jobs for liquid/solid separation, including companies as large as MI-Swaco, British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon Mobile, and many more; applications including centrifugal dewatering, belt press systems, petroleum tank cleaning, and filter press operations
  • In 2009 developed and researched the new environmental product line for soil erosion and dust control; currently supplying international markets and the Western states