We have developed a broad range of soil stabilization and dust control products custom blended for every application. The technologies used in our products have evolved to provide results that exceed our customers’ performance needs while meeting the most stringent environmental and regulatory standards.

With ease of application and affordability in mind, all of our products are engineered to provide their high levels of performance without the use of volatile hydrocarbons.

TAG Chemical Products 2017

Benefits Include:

  • Proven performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Plant & animal safe
  • Lowest aquatic toxicity
  • Does not leach or runoff
  • Proven ROI
  • Affordability
  • Non-corrosive to equipment
  • Product customization


There are many determining factors in choosing a successful dust control method.  Soil type, material gradation, moisture content are just a few.  After a site investigation and soil analysis is complete, we can work with you to identify short and long term goals.  Every application is unique.  Secondly, every site is unique to its soil, weather, and climate.  Our product line encompasses most needs, and for those projects with special needs, we pride ourselves on custom formulations.



Liquid acrylic co-polymer emulsion, applied topically or as a mix-in application with a grader and compactor.

RoadTac E – (Enzyme)

Acrylic co-polymer blnded with a natural all-organic enzyme.  The application creates a dense soil structure that has superior resistance to erosion and traffic.

RoadTac WR – (Weather Resistant)

Acrylic co-polymer blended with an elastomeric polymer to uphold severe weather and UV degradation.

RoadTac C  – (Concentrate)

Premium high-solids acrylic co-polymer liquid emulsion designed for freight savings, this product has the maximum active content possible.


Clear, odorless liquid synthetic oil dust suppressant designed to control fugitive dust by coating each soil particle at levels as deep as six inches below the surface.


Highly concentrated blend of organic wetting agents that sharply reduce the surface tension of water at very low concentrations, thereby providing excellent dust suppression by allowing deeper penetration of the water into the substrate.

As dust control measures require planning, implementation and maintenance, partner with a proven company that is dedicated to both your business and the environment.


Prior to any dust control application, it is very important to test your soil.  Particle size, liquid limit and plasticity all have a dramatic effect on the success of any dust control project and should be determined before any project.  Sand Sieve Analysis is a practice or procedure used to assess the particle size distribution of granular material.  The size distribution is critical in determining the type of dust control product needed and application rates to be used.  The practice of Sieving is quick and accurate, measuring the maximum diameter of a sediment grain.  After the analysis, we can determine the percent sand, silt and clay in your soil, and textural class.  Partner with us to walk you through these technical steps and arrive at a successful solution.


Even with the rising cost and scarcity of this precious resource, water continues to be the most commonly used product for dust control.  Frequently, construction sites will run water trucks multiple times throughout the day to control dust resulting in high labor costs, fuel expenses and unnecessary wear and tear on the trucks.  In most cases, a single dust control application can save money, time and resources in the long run.  Regulation agencies nationwide are enforcing the use of dust control to further protect human health due to the dangers of particulate matter entering the respiratory system.  In California, the AQMD Rules 403 and 403.1 require implementation of specific measures to prevent and mitigate the release of particulate matter.  Arizona’s ADEQ Rule 310 states whenever your construction activity disturbs more than 1/10th of an acre (4,356 square feet), a dust control plan must be in action.

For more questions, pricing, product literature, or to request a copy of a Safety Data Sheet, please contact us at sales@tagchemical.com.